Childhood Obesity Facts – just scary

If you read my blog on insulin resistance and prediabetes then you know it is a huge problem. The scariest part is that it isn't just a big problem among adults

6. Type 2 diabetes: Whereas in 1990 only 4% of newly diagnosed childhood diabetes was type 2, by 2001 the proportion was 45% in adolescents  in areas with a large population of African-American, Mexican-American, or Native-American children. Also noteworthy, type 2 diabetes in youth is more common in girls than in boys, with one study showing that up to 80 percent of children who develop type 2 diabetes are female.

You can check out 9 more scary facts about childhood obesity at


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Dr. Mike is a nutrition consultant and author with a diverse nutritional background serving as a consultant to professional athletes, executives as well as pharmaceutical and food companies. Dr. Mike is most well-known for his blend of nutritional science and psychology which helps clients make long lasting and power changes to their body and health. Dr. Mike holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and a doctorate in nutrition. He is the author of the 6 Pillars of Nutrition.
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