Diets that dieted (thank goodness)

You can go on one of two types of diets: a healthy diet or a crazy fad diet. I just came across a great list of the “Top 25 Fat diets from the last 25 Years“. Here’s a gem known as the Sleeping Beauty Diet (I can’t make this up).

The general idea behind this warped sedative-fueled fad diet is, “Take two of these and call me in seven days.” You are supposed to drug yourself to sleep for up to seven days at a time.

You may lose some weight because you didn’t eat for a week, but we’ve got snooze for you: This diet, which was reportedly used by Elvis during those times his trademark jumpsuits became a tad too tight, just won’t work. You’ll awaken hungrier than a hibernatin’ bear and lumber your way to the nearest buffet for a binge to end all binges. Just say no to drugs… and yes to a healthier diet and weight loss plan.


About michaelroussell

Dr. Mike is a nutrition consultant and author with a diverse nutritional background serving as a consultant to professional athletes, executives as well as pharmaceutical and food companies. Dr. Mike is most well-known for his blend of nutritional science and psychology which helps clients make long lasting and power changes to their body and health. Dr. Mike holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and a doctorate in nutrition. He is the author of the 6 Pillars of Nutrition.
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