Do What You Do Better with Caffeine

I’ve written before about the benefits of moderate caffeine and coffee consumption. A new review of studies looking at the effect of caffeine intake on shift workers (14% of Americans) show that it will cut down on work related errors and increase productivity.

Depending on the study design, the workers received caffeine through coffee, energy drinks, food, or pills. In most studies, the workers completed neuropsychological tests to gauge their memory, attention, reasoning, and perception skills. Several studies compared the results of neuropsychological testing in participants given caffeine versus a placebo.

The study authors say that, compared to doing nothing at all, the caffeine helped shift workers improve their cognitive performance and reduced job-related errors. None of the studies reviewed assessed the effects of caffeine on work-related injuries.

Caffeine Reduces on-the-Job Mistakes [WebMD]

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Dr. Mike is a nutrition consultant and author with a diverse nutritional background serving as a consultant to professional athletes, executives as well as pharmaceutical and food companies. Dr. Mike is most well-known for his blend of nutritional science and psychology which helps clients make long lasting and power changes to their body and health. Dr. Mike holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and a doctorate in nutrition. He is the author of the 6 Pillars of Nutrition.
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