Drink this to Sabotage Your Weight Loss Plan

The 4th Pillar of Nutrition is to “Drink more water and cut out calorie-containing beverages (beer, soda, etc.).” One of the fastest ways that I see people sabotage their fat loss diet is by drinking to many calories. So you can image that I was horrified (but not shocked) to see that Cold Stone has a shake that is just over 2,000 calories. While that is utterly ridiculous, I don’t understand why companies have to make such calorically dense products? Who in their right mind would volunteer to drink 2,000 calories in one setting? Food scientists are pretty amazing now-a-days, you’re telling me they could make the drink taste pretty much the same if it contained 1,000 calories?

I’ll stick to drinking water and tea.

A milkshake containing 2,010 calories – equivalent to eating 68 strips of bacon or 30 chocolate chip cookies — has topped a list of the 20 worst drinks in America compiled by Men’s Health magazine.

The Cold Stone PB&C milkshake, made with peanut butter, chocolate ice cream and milk, contains 68 grams of saturated fat and 153 grams of sugar, according to nutritional details on the company’s website.

“In terms of saturated fat, drinking this Cold Stone catastrophe is like slurping up 68 strips of bacon,” the magazine said.

Here’s a recap of the 6 Pillar of Nutrition for you

2,000-calorie shake tops list of worst drinks [MSN Health]


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Dr. Mike is a nutrition consultant and author with a diverse nutritional background serving as a consultant to professional athletes, executives as well as pharmaceutical and food companies. Dr. Mike is most well-known for his blend of nutritional science and psychology which helps clients make long lasting and power changes to their body and health. Dr. Mike holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and a doctorate in nutrition. He is the author of the 6 Pillars of Nutrition.
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